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"its very personable and the tutors want you to succeed and will come to your house and work with you on anything, just have to make sure that your willing and able to make the sacrifice of fully committing to your work and improve”

--Andrew H

Apr 10, 2012


"I like the fact that the tutors work with your schedule. And they really take the time to get to know you child and adjust to your childs personality.”

--Jennifer S

Nov 03, 2011


"Personal attention from Janice; periodic assessment to identify my child's needs; interaction with teachers.”

--Denice W

Oct 31, 2011


"The passion the tutors have for the students. They really build their confidence!”

--Harriet R

Oct 31, 2011


"I am impressed with the quality of tutors. My daughter never faired well in Math and Math has never been my forte'. However, once she started her tutoring sessions with Tutor Doctor, I saw a vast improvement from math scores of 30% to 80% in a matter of 2months. Not to mention the monthly evaluations and reinforcements from the administration. I feel like my daughter's needs being met! She is so proud of having the ability to understand various Mathematical concepts. Her confidence level has shot through the roof, to the point where she is assisting classmate!! My daughter is currently a Junior in high school and we will continue to use Tutor Doctor's services until she graduates in 2013, even if it's just for reinforcement!!!”

--Cecily R

Oct 31, 2011


"The quality of the tutors has been very good. Janice Williams has been very responsive. Reporting on progress has been thorough. We are getting good results. Very happy with service.”

--Carol K

Oct 27, 2011


"I am severely stupid in math, and my tutor was very patient. He explained the tricks I should expect on the GRE and taught me how to recognize them. And I passed it!”

--Deborah S

Oct 27, 2011


"Excellent communication, polite and patient services.”

--Kerrian L

Oct 25, 2011