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"Janice Williams is genuinely concerned about my son and my now sophomore daughter in college. They have been blessed with awesome tutors! The tutors are qualified, but extremely motivating and patient!”

--Harriet R

Mar 13, 2014


"The specialized tutors and how successful you are at matching the tutor with how your child learns best.”

--Deborah D

Mar 12, 2014


"the home assessment, the level of skill and experience of tutors, and regularity of updates re: student progress”

--Michelon D

Mar 06, 2014


"Very professional atmosphere of individuals.”

--Brandon M

Mar 02, 2014


"Effort is made to match tutors with students.”

--Jeramy T

Feb 13, 2014


"what I like most is to see that my daughter is enjoying her lesson being taught.Her tutor is kind and very patient.”

--Michelle W

Feb 06, 2014


"I like the convenience of in-home services & the scheduling flexibility. I also like that the tutor meets the child at their level & makes the tutoring plan personalized.”

--Arlene F

Feb 01, 2014


"She found exactly the tutor we needed.”

--Shalei S

Jan 16, 2014


"We were matched with a tutor that's as close to perfect for our needs as possible. Even though our tutor is great, we still have Ms. Williams support if we need it.”

--Shalei S

Oct 16, 2013


"In home, affordable and professional service. My children look forward to visits from their tutor!”

--Sarah B

Jan 10, 2013


"The tutor is an experience teacher who uses her skills to make learning fun for my daughter. She looks forward to her sessions each week. The tutor also keep me informed of everything that was taught at the end of each session and gives me resources (internet resource) that can help my daughter at home.”

--Laurel W

Nov 22, 2012


"The tutor John B.was very nice and understanding to my needs.Thanks tutor/doctor for everything.Benny Colon”

--Benito C

Oct 05, 2012


"What I liked about the service is that Management took its time know what the client needed and then pursued a tutor...”

--Chara J

Sep 26, 2012


"I love the fact that the tutors come to your home. it makes a huge difference.”

--Esther T

Jul 30, 2012


"The passion of the tutors!”

--Harriet R

Jul 17, 2012


"The tutor my son and I worked with was an excellent fit. He knew exactly how to get my son motivated to do the work and learn new and old skills.”

--Jennifer S

Apr 18, 2012


"I like the communication between the parents and the tutors. I like that the tutors are thoroughly checked and are matched with the kids.”

--Esther T

Apr 17, 2012


"Ability to find a tutor tailored to the students needs”

--Robert B

Apr 17, 2012


"you can work with the tutorif you need to change schedules or ask for help in other areas your child needs”

--Karen G

Apr 12, 2012


"It met my needs and it was convenient .”

--Ann-Marie M

Apr 11, 2012