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"Diane did an excellent job. I'm very happy of the progress that my son Elvin did in just a short period. He improved alot on his reading level. Thank you so much! Cinthia”

--Cinthia D

Jul 09, 2015


"I love the flexibility of our tutor. Our lives are so busy and having someone willing to fit us in and work around our schedule is so important!”

--Sally B

Jun 05, 2015


"Ilya and Janice have been great.”

--Andrea N

Apr 30, 2015


"I am very content with the interest shown to get to know the family and child of in need of assistance.”

--Aracelis A

Apr 23, 2015


"Everyone so far is very nice and my daughter is pleased with her tutor.”

--Sasha H

Apr 02, 2015


"Tutor doctor is well organized and understanding and really meets the needs of the person and persons you are tutoring. You go to great strides to really reach out and make a difference and help your. Clients succeed.”

--Victoria V

Mar 27, 2015


"Janice Williams went out of her way to find a tutor that met my unique adult education needs and the tutor could not have been a better match. If anyone has misgivings about hiring a tutor, that person should abandon those fears when he works with Janice Williams and Tutor Doctor. Janice will make sure the tutoring works, without question. The cost is reasonable as tutoring goes; it's a bargain when you see the services Janice Williams provides.”

--Chandra B

Mar 19, 2015


"We are very lucky to have Mona. She is always available and goes the extra mile to make sure my daughter is prepared.”

--Sally B

Feb 25, 2015


"Got my daughter exactly the tutor she needed.”

--Lili F

Feb 11, 2015


"Very professional and friendly”

--Victoria V

Dec 26, 2014


"the prompt and personalized responses.”

--Michelon D

Oct 29, 2014


"professional, timely and compassionate services”

--Melissa R

Oct 17, 2014


"The specialized attention and planning I received.”

--Chandra B

Sep 18, 2014


"We love how we are able to have the tutor fit into our schedule and be given a tutor who is compatible with our daughter needs.”

--Michael S

Sep 12, 2014


"The interest that was shown to my daughter to ensure that she succeeds.”

--Laurel W

Jun 11, 2014


"We love that they took the time to find a tutor who is compatible for my daughter. It's a big plus that the tutor is able to come over to our home that fits our time schedule......”

--Michael S

May 28, 2014


"Extremely professional, timely, and thorough.”

--Melissa R

May 07, 2014


"Janice found the PERFECT tutor to meet all our needs. Incredible.”

--Shalei S

May 07, 2014


"I like that you come to the client.”

--Arlene F

May 01, 2014


"The personal one on one tutoring, as in bonding with the parents as well as the students”

--Ann H

Apr 10, 2014