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"Very competent, attentive and flexible tutor . Prompt feedback after the sessions was very helpful and appreciated. Communication with Gayle during the process was outstanding.”

--Dan S

Aug 03, 2015


"It's convenient”

--Caterina K

Jun 30, 2015


"I am very pleased with the wealth of knowledge Jen displays at our sessions and the patience she has with me as a beginning student.”

--Joan F

Jun 19, 2015


"Gayle is very professional , approachable and cared to place my son with tutor that best fit his needs. My son's physics tutor is smart, encouraging, and patient.”

--Liz F

Jun 04, 2015


"Results speak volumes. 1620 PSAT 1870 on first SAT Commitment, Tutor was ok to schedule more sessions leading up to 2nd exam (this Sat June 6) I will hire them again Mike Zacharia Plainview, NY”

--Lauren Z

Jun 04, 2015


"The tutor we have is fantastic. She takes the time to explain the work thoroughly and works out problems with my child to ensure he knows the right steps.”

--Tara D

Jun 03, 2015


"Gayle chose a tutor who clicks perfectly with my child. Jacob looks forward to tutoring sessions and is making excellent progress.”

--Gayle C

May 06, 2015


"My son tutor is very good with my son they call and check in to see how my son is doing the tutor works with our schedules and work around our time”

--Maxene C

Apr 30, 2015


"We were quickly provided w a tutor who met our needs”

--Amy B

Apr 30, 2015


"Gayle worked very hard to find a tutor who was a great fit for the girls.”

--Kelly W

Apr 09, 2015


"Emily is very accommodating when we need to seitch days or times. She is patient with my child and he is willing to sit with her to learn.”

--Jamie K

Mar 30, 2015


"My daughter is doing much better in math, so my favorite thing is the success that she's been having. Her tutor Joe is great. I like the reports that I get emails to me as well let me know what's going on.”

--John M

Mar 25, 2015


"The flexibility, and my daughter really likes the math tutor arranged for her.”

--Pamela F

Mar 25, 2015


"How you work to find the right tutor for the student.”

--Ann M

Mar 11, 2015


"Reliable, knowledgable tutor.”

--Barbara C

Mar 04, 2015


"My son truly liked working with Emily! Was a great fit!”

--Liz G

Feb 18, 2015


"The tutor is very professional and the owner has been very receptive to our feedback.”

--Sharon F

Feb 13, 2015


"Fast response. Availability of tutors for multiple subjects through one source.”

--Eileen D

Feb 05, 2015


"Our tutor is fantastic and she is patient when teaching new problems or if you have questions.”

--Tara D

Feb 05, 2015


"Gayle Charlack has been wonderful to work with”

--Amy B

Jan 29, 2015