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"the tutors we have used so far are very knowledgable , nice, patient, and good teachers”

--Liz F

Feb 01, 2017


"I have been using Tutor Doctor for years. Gail always listens to exactly what I need for my kids and sends me amazing tutors.”

--Robyn C

Jan 05, 2017


"I liked the ease of finding a tutor without asking around and calling a bunch of people and wasting a lot of time.”

--Roseann A

Jun 15, 2016


"Gail always listens to what i need and is able to come through with great tutors for me!!!”

--Robyn C

Jun 09, 2016


"Great Tutors”

--Noreen K

May 11, 2016


"Gail is great. She listens carefully to my needs and always sends quality tutors”

--Robyn C

Mar 03, 2016


"Extremely professional, informative, helpful and understanding. I will definitely recommend Tutor Doctor.”

--Meryl B

Feb 04, 2016


"Easy setup and prescreened tutors.”

--Michael P

Jan 28, 2016


"Timelines and quality of the tutors”

--Aysha M

Jan 27, 2016


"Our tutor is fantastic and very patient. She takes the time to explain things a few times if needed, is very flexible in the schedule and is always on time. Best decision to get Tutor Doctor for my child.”

--Tara D

Jan 13, 2016


"That you come to the house. Tutor is courteous and professional. My daughter loves attending the sessions”

--Brooke G

Dec 10, 2015


"Very helpful”

--Maria S

Dec 09, 2015


"The emailed feedback about each session.”

--Gary B

Nov 19, 2015


"The tutors are excellent.”

--Ann M

Oct 26, 2015


"gabriella was wonderful”

--Allyn K

Oct 23, 2015


"My tutor is very knowledgeable, informative, patient and understanding. Great teacher.”

--Meryl B

Oct 23, 2015


"I like the thorough first meeting and the fact that Gayle Charlack found a really wonderful tutor for my daughter and she is prompt, organized and prepared for every session.”

--Beth M

Oct 17, 2015


"The feedback and honesty from Lenny. I made the mistake of enrolling in an on-line course. I had to withdraw from my statistics course. I will reenroll in a math course and utilize tutor doctor.”

--Jeffery P

Oct 15, 2015


"I like that they are flexible in coming to the house to meet with my child. I also like the assignments that are given to boost his skills.”

--Barbara G

Sep 23, 2015


"Our family loves the Tutor Doctor personalized assistance for my child's learning challenges and it's friendly compassionate staff. I'm so glad that we enrolled in Tutor Doctor's weekly services. Earlier this year we had an honor roll student for the very first time among my three children thanks to your support! We look forward to continuing working with you for the best chance of success. All the best! The Moffa Family”

--Lisa M

Aug 31, 2015