Some of our latest reviews.

"The tutor you provided for my daughter is perfect for her."

-- Ann Q

Nov 18, 2021

"Matched my daughters tutor exceptionally well. Comes to my home which is v much needed as I can't drive now with my MS. Developed quite a good rapport with her. And my daughter has obviously. She now understands her and find new and interesting ways to engage her,"

-- Hayley K

Jul 22, 2016

"Good calm teaching that explains well"

-- Linda M

Jun 29, 2016

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"Our tutor has been very professional and is an expert. Our son has improved beyond our expectations.”

--Kate C

Jun 22, 2016


"My son enjoys his lessons.”

--Liliya S

Jun 21, 2016


"The tutor Alycia was always punctual, and made sure that i understood each topic before moving on to the next. She makes me feel relaxed and i feel more confident in doing my maths revision”

--Lucy H

Jun 03, 2016


"Good people at home”

--Denise P

May 11, 2016


"The quality of teaching”

--Marisa C

Apr 29, 2016


"The Tutor Adrian Salmon is very professional and knows his stuff. The regular weekly report feedback is very useful.”

--Susan D

Apr 28, 2016


"Tutoring is conducted in your own house . I am not sble to drive so a must for me ! It is also good for the child to be in familiar surroundings. We have the same tutor every time allowing your child to build up a bond. Works very well . Try tutor who was selected for my child was perfect ! However if it isn't then you can request a new on!”

--Hayley K

Apr 21, 2016


"The reliability, professionalism and checking on the service provided.”

--Mbali D

Apr 13, 2016


"A thoughtful, rigorous approach with good initial appraisal and excellent execution.”

--Kirstie H

Apr 07, 2016


"Everyone we have spoken to are very helpful, the tutor teaching is exceptionally good, with a friendly mannor. I have already recomended tutor doctor to someone whos child requires aditional help.”

--Kerry W

Mar 19, 2016


"I like the tutor matching service, I am very happy with the tutor we have for our son. Our son has really engaged with him and that was half the battle.”

--Lisa J

Mar 17, 2016


"Efficient, friendly and Paul, the tutor is fab.”

--Claire S

Mar 12, 2016


"We found our tutor Ramesh made a huge difference to our daughter's confidence”

--Jessica S

Feb 26, 2016


"Friendly, professional and good tutors”

--Colin B

Feb 23, 2016


"Professionalism, tutor dedication and care”

--Claudinely S

Feb 13, 2016


"Quality of staff”

--Sabastian B

Feb 04, 2016


"Excellent customer service, friendly staff and weekly reports”

--Joanne T

Feb 04, 2016