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"You appreciated the urgency when I called. You had ideas about how to meet my needs, and immediately had some options. I was talking to another agency but they took days to respond by which time you had already come up with a tutor. The tutor was brilliant and has made a real difference. She really engaged my daughter, held her with the concepts she had to learn and also gave her really practical tips on exam technique and matching what examiners are looking for. Your responsiveness and excellent tutor mean I would tell friends to contact you and use your service!”

--Polly N

Jun 12, 2015


"Very good at meetings the needs of the students”

--Martin B

Jun 11, 2015


"Organised and efficient. Well run and professional. My son loves his tutor and Donna is a fantastic contact/liaison between parent and tutor - she will literally solve all your problems.”

--Zakia D

Jun 11, 2015


"The way they can turn a child who has no confidence in a subject into a child who wants to know more of that subject.”

--Louise M

May 02, 2015


"I greatly appreciate the prompt response to queries, how tutors are matched according to the needs of the pupils and the quality of tutoring. It is a pleasure to deal with Donna.”

--Anna A

Apr 29, 2015


"Andrew has been exactly the right tutor for my daughter and very understanding about the circumstances of illness that led to her missing a lot of school. She finds his explanations clear and to the point and feels it had really helped her to catch up. She got A for both her physics and chemistry mocks after some sessions so we are hoping for a good result in the actual Gcses.”

--Maureen M

Apr 23, 2015


"Good tutor subject knowledge”

--Increase E

Apr 19, 2015


"It allows my brother of 37 to learn the basic skills of reading and writing.”

--Fiona H

Apr 09, 2015


"Quality and flexibility of the Tutor. Tailored learning for my son. Tutor matching services and after session reports.”

--Marlon W

Mar 16, 2015



--Anna A

Jan 08, 2015


"The tutors have suited our needs and we have been able to have flexibility to workaround my daughter's illness.”

--Maureen M

Jan 02, 2015


"I call Tutor Doctor only a Month before the exams of my son and Donna Henry was able to find a tutor even under Christmas time. On top, the tutor is wonderful and very good at what is doing. i wish to have found him earlier!!!!!”

--Alessandra C

Jan 02, 2015


"Excellent teacher - very pleasant and positive. My daughter finds the sessions most enjoyable and is gaining more confidence.”

--Amanda H

Dec 03, 2014


"We have only started using your services recently; however the entire process of getting engaged was very well organized with lots of information provided, the tutors are very friendly. We only had 4 lessons so far and my son has already achieved very good results.”

--Sam D

Nov 28, 2014


"Childen got excellent (report)results from school and we are satisfied parents. Tankyou verymuch.”

--Jeyani S

Jul 02, 2014


"The service is great and the teacher is wonderful”

--Maria G

Jun 11, 2014


"Efficiency, quality of tutors sent, reporting system”

--Ebuere S

Jun 05, 2014


"Good quality tutors”

--Jerry W

May 29, 2014


"The first tutor provided was a big disappointment and not worth £100.for that session., but the second tutor an ideal one,who was replaced as soon as I complained . That prompt action is appreciated.”

--Natwarlal R

Apr 23, 2014


"Very friendly people and I have seen improvement in my daughters work”

--Shirley Y

Apr 11, 2014