Some of our latest reviews.

"In home tutoring "

-- Kathy B

Feb 28, 2024

"It’s personalized and the tutor is positive. "

-- Brooke F

Feb 21, 2024

"Reports are detailed and helpful. Especially the hours used/hours left. And, it is good knowing what was worked on. Plus, the tutor is AWESOME!"

-- Tamara G

Jan 04, 2024

See below... more local client reviews:


"Very easy to work with. Return phone calls a quick response. ”

--Lainie A

Dec 28, 2023


"Fast pairing with tutors. High quality tutors and flexibility. ”

--Jennifer G

Nov 02, 2023


"Worked with us to find the right tutor. Tutor has been easy to contact, schedule appt times, flexible, and my son seems to like how it is going. ”

--Jody S

Aug 15, 2023


"Quick placement with high quality tutor”

--Jennifer G

Aug 12, 2023


"Great experience with the teacher’s teaching methods and availability for classes”

--Shruti D

Apr 13, 2023


"The mission to help kids who need extra support. I also enjoy the flexibility of scheduling. ”

--Cassie D

Jan 25, 2023


"Very caring, professional, and experienced tutors that have helped my son catch up. ”

--Melissa P

Jan 19, 2023


"It was fast and easy to find a tutor and very flexible ”

--Bradley J

Aug 25, 2022


"Started tutoring right away In- person & virtual option Follow up homework practice”

--Angela R

Aug 11, 2022


"Diversity of tutors, special needs training, experience, areas of focus, flexibility (in person and/or virtual), etc.. ”

--Carol M

Jul 29, 2022


"Great encouraging tutor with incredible tutoring skills. Owner is prompt to get back to you! ”

--Scotti K

Jul 28, 2022


"Tutor- Michael was fantastic!”

--Stephanie D

Jul 16, 2022


"They are able to come to the house and my son loves his tudor.”

--Nicole A

Jul 06, 2022


"Great tutors”

--Michelle P

Jun 25, 2022


"Rade, Gets back quick and is on top of our needs for our son. Trudy has been with us for going on 3 summers she is a great fit per Rade and an awesome tutor! Thank you both! Mogensen’s ”

--Jean M

Jun 23, 2022


"We have found your Tutors very caring and concerned for the student.”

--Steve H

Apr 06, 2022


"The service has been very flexible. The tutor has helped my son in several subjects. The email afterwards with the summary of the session and the number of sessions used/left is very helpful. I would defineteily recommend Tutor Doctor!”

--Karen L

Mar 25, 2022