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"you guys are friendly professional and you made it super easy to get started”

--Allison E

Dec 20, 2018


"Prompt, professional attention. Matching the right tutor to our son's needs. Friendly, professional tutor who is easy going and works well with our child.”

--Tracy B

Dec 13, 2018


"Friendly, on time, caring, knowledgeable”

--Jennifer C

Dec 12, 2018


"The convenience of the sessions at home, in a comfortable setting, make the sessions easy for family and student. The tutor provided is very friendly and great with my 9 year old. The books that are pulled for Cohen are specific to his likes and learning level. We are only in the beginning of sessions. So far we are pleased with progress.”

--Katie S

Dec 05, 2018


"Very helpful to my daughter and they come to our house. ”

--Lynn B

Dec 05, 2018


"Able to speak directly with the tutor ”

--Jane O

Dec 05, 2018


"Friendly, smart and helpful people”

--Athenas V

Nov 28, 2018


"So easy to work with. ”

--Gibby K

Nov 14, 2018


"Personal and committed to finding the perfect tutor for you!”

--Rachel M

Nov 08, 2018


"Very caring about each individual and individual needs”

--sophie s

Oct 24, 2018


"They make every effort to find a tutor who is compatible with student. They arrive on time, hep the student learn the things they need extra help with, and celebrate when improvement is noted. Yay!”

--Terry S

Sep 26, 2018


"The details and commitment to giving our student the best tutor to suit her needs.”

--Janna D

Aug 29, 2018


"Tutor Doctor has been friendly from the very first time I inquired about there services. The tutor we have has been friendly as well, but more importantly competent! Knowing that my daughter is moving forward, but at the same time enjoys her tutor is the combination I was looking for. ”

--Jennifer L

Jul 26, 2018


"Tutor Doctor matched our family with a tutor who was ideal for our child. She is creative and consistent with his educational and psychological needs.”

--Emily R

Jul 04, 2018


"the results”

--Juan Q

Jun 25, 2018


"In home tutoring”

--Lisa S

Jun 20, 2018


"You made the perfect match for my student and I love the convenience of the sessions taking place in my home, catered to his class work/teacher requirements, etc. ”

--Bob P

Jun 14, 2018


"Tutor doctor was very prompt at making contact and getting services started. They listened to what I wanted and provided a good match for my son. He is learning, sometimes slowly, but we are making progress and that is awesome!”

--Melissa P

Jun 06, 2018


"Friendly, flexible, and professional.”

--Angela H

May 09, 2018


"I like the one on one, personalized approach.”

--Katie M

Apr 12, 2018