Some of our latest reviews.

"It is very flexible, and my daughter loves her tutor. "

-- Jo F

Feb 07, 2024

"Individualized education and sipper for executive functions difficulties"

-- Dyana A

Jan 24, 2024

"Tori! Actually, I got results "

-- Shelly M

Jan 18, 2024

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"Our tutor has been great with our daughter. It’s so fun to see her grow and improve. ”

--Betsy F

Dec 13, 2023


"Jeff has been absolutely fantastic for Brigette!!!! Thank you!!”

--Toni F

Jun 21, 2023


"On time. Dependable. Fun, smart, and personable ”

--Trish K

May 10, 2023


"So far the one on one seems to be helping my daughter. ”

--Taylor H

Feb 20, 2023


"Professional and positive reinforcement.”

--Tamara F

Jan 26, 2023


"We were matched with the most perfect tutor and Jamie has been amazing to work with. This company is legit and I’m so glad we found them!”

--Leah S

Dec 10, 2022


"Very professional and easy to connect with via text messaging as far as appointments and any questions. My kids love their tutor. Jamie matched us up perfectly.!”

--Katie L

Nov 09, 2022


"Personalized and tailored to needs of child. ”

--Stevie S

Jul 02, 2022


"Jamie is very knowledgeable and has helped our granddaughter so much! ”

--Colleen R

May 11, 2022


"We have a great tutor !”

--Linda S

May 06, 2022


"Flexibility to adjust to client needs.”

--Vince F

Apr 14, 2022


"The owner and our tutor are great and very understanding and easy to work with. They are will to help and tweak teaching styles to help your child succeed the best.”

--Stevie S

Mar 23, 2022


"First thing that seems to be working. This is my last child, 8th grade. I wished we would have made Tutor Doctor a priority for my older 3 children. ”

--JaCoy H

Jan 20, 2022