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"Responsive immediately after initial call and quick to match us with an excellent tutor!”

--Karen K

Aug 19, 2021


"Jaya goes above and beyond with Mady and really tries to have her understand the math.”

--Lauri E

Jun 16, 2021


"My grandson not only thinks Bud is helpful ,he completely has a lot of respect for him as a role model.Izaiha can ask for assistants in any area of his studies and Bud is there for him.Bud knows how izaiha learns and uses his knowledge to teach izaiha in that specific way.My grandson tells me that they way bud teaches is easy for him to understand .Thank you Tutor Doctor for your great people who truely care about our kids .”

--Marcie D

Jun 02, 2021


"The services are reliable and easy to apply to our family's schedule. The results are helped by the teacher to student relationship as opposed to a parent to kid dynamic. ”

--Geoff G

Apr 28, 2021


"Tutor Doctor has been responsive to my feedback. I also like that I do not need to search each time my child needs a new tutor or skill development. ”

--Pam C

Apr 28, 2021


"Professional, informative, caring, reliable. They put your child's needs first. Our tutor Sierra is absolutely amazing! My daughter enjoys every moment and retains what she has learned.”

--Shana F

Feb 03, 2021


"I like how Tutor Doctor interviews the student and tries to match the student with a tutor with similar interests and teaching style.”

--Gardna L

Feb 01, 2021


"Amanda is AMAZING. She has stuck with Josie for years now and has become not only a math resource but a friend. She is simply the best.”

--Courtney K

Jan 13, 2021


"Tutor Doctor did the deep work of teaching my daughter how to learn. She was not challenged by the content of her classes, but she could not finish assignments nor turn them in on time. Our tutor is patient and teaches organizational skills while helping our daughter get her homework over the finish line. Her confidence is improving as her grades improve. Thank you, Tutor Doctor!”

--Holly H

Dec 23, 2020


"Great tutors!”

--Jane B

Dec 23, 2020


"That they are flexible and cover multiple learning topics. ”

--Naomi T

Dec 18, 2020


"Extremely responsive - scheduled tutoring as soon as I needed it. Also honored a credit I had from over a year ago (that is what I call integrity). All of their tutors have been professional, friendly, positive, organized and super supportive of my boys. ”

--Adriane B

Dec 10, 2020


"Flexibility and the quality of the tutors.”

--Lise M

Dec 04, 2020


"Our tutor Bud Levin has done a fantastic job with my grandson he give him confidence and helps him to understand completely what he is teaching him I am grateful we have such a fantastic individual teaching my grandson thank you for all you do”

--Marcie D

Dec 02, 2020


"My student and the tutor have their own schedule! Being a single parent - this really helps!”

--Guenevere B

Nov 30, 2020


"Excellent tutors who get great results! ”

--Kristin L

Nov 18, 2020


"Our tutor Dawn. Ease of payments.”

--Sarah B

Nov 11, 2020


"Individualized care and support. Thorough assessment of the student. Clear administrative policies. ”

--Beth I

Nov 04, 2020


"relationship with tutor and flexibiltiy”

--Lindsay A

Oct 22, 2020


"Very responsive and high quality. We are very happy with our tutor Safiya. Our boys love her.”

--John B

Oct 21, 2020