Some of our latest reviews.

"Professional, accountability"

-- Thara D

Feb 06, 2020

"At our house, at our time, great tutor"

-- Susannah C

Nov 07, 2019

"Good experience so far. Easy to communicate with the representative and they have been very mindful of our needs."

-- Thara D

Oct 30, 2019

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"We have a great tutor! We love that the tutoring is done in our home.”

--Candice B

Oct 30, 2019


"I like the one-on-one tutoring and the personal connection with my son’s tutor. He enjoys his time with his tutor. We are thrilled with Tutor Doctor. ”

--Candice B

Jul 24, 2019


"Quality of tutor. In home tutoring. ”

--Gale W

Jul 17, 2019


"Professionalism and teaching skills”

--Michelle W

Jun 27, 2019


"Great at matching student to tutor... Friendly and really utilizes the allotted time wisely. ”

--Brian L

Jun 19, 2019


"Very flexible and easy to use. Faith is awesome and so good with my son! ”

--Amy P

Jun 06, 2019


"It is very convenient, the tutors are engaging, and adjusted to my daughters learning style.”

--Shay N

May 22, 2019


"Ms. Graham is very intuitive. She is extremely knowledgeable of the many ways children learn. She helps the whole child, which helps address academic challenges. ”

--Brenda F

Apr 25, 2019


"Everything! Wish I would have discovered this program years ago! ”

--Keri M

Apr 18, 2019


"Our tutor doctor rep took the time to really get to know our daughter during the interview. This led to a excellent match with the tutor we’ve been using for the past few months. Very good results. ”

--Janell D

Apr 14, 2019


"In home tutoring. Feedback report. Tutor match.”

--Gale W

Apr 10, 2019


"Individualization of tutoring based on needs from session to session, consistency of the tutoring style by having the same tutor each time, and the rapport by son is building with his tutor.”

--Candice B

Apr 08, 2019


"It is very convenient”

--Shay N

Mar 03, 2019


"Very professional and accommodating. Very attentive to our needs and have done a good job trying to match us with the right tutor.”

--Thara D

Jan 23, 2019


"One on one, very specialized tutoring. Caring & concerned. ”

--Heather W

Dec 27, 2018


"Comfort of being in our own home and tutor who is caring and patient with my child. ”

--Peyton H

Dec 14, 2018