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"Being able to meet at our home. Matching a student and tutor not only for the subject, but for personality as well. ”

--Jill E

Nov 18, 2019


"Tutor doctor is GREAT! They have the best tutors!”

--Patricia B

Nov 13, 2019


"The tutors are highly knowledgeable and very helpful. They are also able to work around students’ busy schedules. ”

--Angela R

Nov 07, 2019


"Flexible very helpful tutor - Gareth”

--Paula G

Oct 25, 2019


"Great staff and very easy to work with.”

--Kelli N

Oct 24, 2019


"It's really convenient.”

--Samantha B

Oct 16, 2019


"Easy to use”

--Chrissie M

Oct 16, 2019


"I like that you try to find a good fit /personality match between student and tutor. Both our tutors are very patient and kind. The sessions seem to be structured and geared toward our daughter's needs. ”

--Christine T

Aug 14, 2019


"The tutor is friendly, efficient and thorough.”

--Phyliss D

Jul 11, 2019


"Personalized just for my son. We're already seeing improvement and his confidence is increasing. ”

--Paula G

Jul 03, 2019



--Susan H

May 15, 2019


"Very individualized and flexible with whatever we need ”

--Tammy C

May 02, 2019


"The thorough and thoughtful approach to providing the ideal fit/match between tutor and student, the genuine interest in aligning the appropriate number of tutoring hours/costs with anticipated needs, the outstanding quality and value - extremely productive tutoring sessions, the one-to-one customized attention and scheduling, the in-home convenience, comprehensive tutor session notes and plans. And, mostly the RESULTS!! Nothing beats the impact you've made on my daughter's confidence, grades and life skills!”

--Eileen H

Apr 29, 2019


"The tutor has been excellent, patient and understanding with learning disabilities. My student is in a better mood after tutoring- a great fit.”

--Jennifer M

Feb 07, 2019


"We have a very nice tutor that my daughter likes, and she has improved so much. I also like that our tutor comes to our house. So much easier. ”

--Lesley R

Jan 30, 2019


"Tate is a phonemonial tutor. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind, patient, persistent without being pushy, knows how to communicate with teenagers, polite, and appreciated by parents! He had made our first tutoring experience positive and very worthwhile. We plan on extending his services. We all highly recommend him! Thank you!!!”

--Gary T

Dec 16, 2018


"Very professional ”

--Brissa C

Dec 05, 2018


"Very Helpful for my daughter. I appreciate all the help! ”

--Holly B

Dec 05, 2018


"My daughter has re-gained her confidence with math!”

--Susan H

Oct 31, 2018


"We have been so happy with Tutor Doctor!”

--Leilani W

Oct 24, 2018