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"Friendly and listening to our personal needs with helping our child .”

--George C

Jan 30, 2015


"Our family appreciates the fact that Tutor Doctor comes to our home, and it makes everything so much easier. The tutor we have assigned is a great match, and has helped our son in the short amount of time so far. We are very pleased to be with Tutor Doctor.”

--Lisa C

Jan 29, 2015


"The service is excellent,all of the tutoring needs for my grandson have been accommodated.The personnel(SARAH)was very professional and exhibited excellent interpersonal skills, while giving total attention to my grandson to help him read.In a world that's becoming so distant and digital its thoroughly refreshing to receive such a personal touch. I look forward to using the services again.”

--Catherine B

Jan 28, 2015


"The convenience of in home tutoring and one on one tutoring”

--Tara R

Jan 03, 2015


"The fact they are able to come to your home & my child feels comfortable in their environment. The Tutor was a perfect MATCH!”

--Lisa C

Oct 29, 2014


"The quality of the tutors, as well as the professionalism.”

--Courtney A

Oct 16, 2014


"the convenience of tutor doctor finding a perfect match to tutor my children and to know that they take care of checking the tutors credentials before sending them to my home.”

--Bridget P

Aug 27, 2014


"I like that it is an in home tutoring service. It's one less thing I have to think about.”

--Micheline A

Aug 26, 2014


"We appreciate that the vetting process is handled for us. The initial evaluation was thorough and, because it took place in the home, our child was relaxed and more confident. The tutor Mrs. Frias found for us wasted no time working on things our son already knew; she planned well and focused all 60 minutes on where he needed development. The one-on-one tutoring in our home setting is worth every dollar!”

--Lisa M

Aug 21, 2014


"Consideration, commitment , their efforts to improve my son score in English, easily to deal with”

--Aseel W

Aug 16, 2014


"I like the "in home" aspect of the tutoring, and the weekly emails going over my students' progress!”

--Marshon S

Aug 07, 2014


"I like that tutor comes to your home. I can see improvement with my daughter reading.”

--Jennifer O

Jul 16, 2014


"I am very satisfied with our tutor Sarah. She is always on time and she has helped our son in a very short time. I am so glad that we decided to use tutor doctor because this experience will be very helpful to him for a long time to come.”

--Tyia B

Jul 02, 2014


"That they find a match for my children and I don't have to do the interview process.”

--Bridget P

May 11, 2014


"Prompt responsiveness regarding initial tutor changes. Also nice flexibility regarding necessary schedule changes.”

--Joanne A

Mar 07, 2014


"We love David, and know beyond a doubt that he is the best tutor we have ever had from Tutor Dr., by far. David is an 11 out of 10!! Thanks, Bob Lawson”

--Robert L

Feb 06, 2014


"Patience and deligence tutoring our son.”

--Victor O

Feb 05, 2014


"I appreciated your patience in finding the right tutor for my daughter's needs.”

--Joanne A

Nov 13, 2013