Some of our latest reviews.

"The “no expiration” guarantee is REAL! I signed our Contract before my son’s 8th-grade year and now, as a Senior, we’re using our remaining hours ... in a totally different academic subject than we started with."

-- Lisa M

Oct 11, 2018

"The personal 1:1 support to overcome an academic obstacle."

-- Assumption I

Apr 04, 2018

"That I'm not trying to get my kids to different places. The tutor comes to my house and my kids feel comfortable and not afraid to ask for the tutor to repeat a lesson or to tell them They need extra time because they still don't understand. "

-- Bridget P

Mar 08, 2017

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"Fun and patient instructor (Yuri) who works well with my daughter but is willing to challenge her usual teaching methods to fit our needs. ”

--Megan M

Dec 22, 2016


"Understand what they are doing, porfosional in their work. They help me twice with my son to pass his STAAR exam AND the Next time after three years when he take TSI. I really recommend Them”

--Aseel W

Jun 16, 2016


"Flexibility at home tutoring.One on one attention.”

--Divya E

May 26, 2016


"I like the specialized attention to each child's needs. I also like the fact that my tutor is a certified teacher with a specialty in reading.”

--Dawn T

May 05, 2016


"Met our quality requirement. ( when we asked for a certified teacher, we got a teacher.) The director listened closely and tailored to our needs. The teacher was on time, and tried their best to make the sessions interesting and productive.”

--Keng T

Apr 23, 2016



--Monica S

Mar 31, 2016


"The convenience of tutor Doctor finding the perfect tutor for my children.”

--Bridget P

Mar 09, 2016


"I think Ms. Ty is the best tutor we could have at this point. She is well-trained and a certified teacher in the area most important to CJ right now, reading. We had to tweak his tutoring assignments to coincide with his report card and to strengthen the weak areas. I like the fact that Ms. Ty is willing to be pro-active and look forward to the next reporting cycle and prepare him to make the best possible grades and most importantly build his knowledge and expertise in the process. The goal is a combination of both and I appreciate and approve her work. I would highly recommend her. Thanks!”

--Dawn T

Feb 10, 2016


"I really love the convenience of having someone find the perfect tutor for my children.”

--Bridget P

Nov 11, 2015


"How you can personalize tutoring for your child.”

--Rita T

Nov 01, 2015


"Convenience and the tutor”

--Elizabeth T

Aug 05, 2015


"I like my tudor Ms Ti and feel she really cares about my son and challenges him to excel. The matching was done very well in this case. She is professional, courteuos and is dedicated to motivating my son to develop a life-long love of learning and a passionate drive to do his very best. Have a great day!”

--Dawn T

Jun 04, 2015


"They care about my child and made sure they found a tutor that matched his personality.”

--Courtney A

Apr 30, 2015


"I have been very happy made some changes but it's all good. Thanks”

--Refugia G

Apr 08, 2015


"It's nice that the tutors are "in home" so it fits my schedule!”

--Marshon S

Mar 05, 2015


"Very professional, and the feeling of them actually caring about your child.”

--Courtney A

Feb 04, 2015


"Friendly and listening to our personal needs with helping our child .”

--George C

Jan 30, 2015