Read Tutor Doctor Goodyear-Buckeye Reviews


"Personalized service. ”

--Joannie V

Sep 16, 2021


"Professional, helpful, flexible schedule. Always available for questions and suggestions. ”

--Jelena J

Aug 18, 2021


"Timely and effective”

--Shawn K

Jun 23, 2021


"Once we found the right fit with a tutor, both of my boys are doing better in school. Just having someone else getting them to work has been a blessing.”

--Michelle B

May 19, 2021


"We love Mr Reyes. He is a perfect fit for our child!”

--G.T. H

Apr 28, 2021


"Great owner. Very responsible tutor. ”

--Sandy B

Apr 28, 2021


"The entire process. Amber is very hands on and checks in regularly. She did a great job finding the right fit for my son. ”

--Amy P

Apr 24, 2021


"Great communication! If something isn’t going right, they work hard to fix it. Finding a good match tutor/child is not always easy, but it’s important to them that it’s working and you are satisfied. ”

--Tamara G

Apr 15, 2021


"Patient and helpful with schedule changes, really break down topics I am confused with.”

--Brenna A

Mar 03, 2021


"They care, they work fast, the so everything they can to make sure you get what you need! Amber and Sara are the best people I could have asked for to help my daughter !!”

--Brooke D

Feb 18, 2021


"During these hard times one on one is very critical. The help goes a long way.”

--Judy R

Feb 10, 2021


"Very professional, and very attentive the child need. I will use them again ”

--Ramonita M

Feb 04, 2021


"Great ”

--Alex E

Jan 14, 2021


"My husband and I appreciate that after the initial evaluation, Amber matched our daughter with the perfect tutor that keeps her engaged and uses and researches different ways to educate her and we have seen vast improvements in her skills in a short amount of time. We also appreciate the feedback that is emailed to us with the details of what was covered and how our daughter did during each tutoring session! We are extremely pleased with the service!”

--Cortnie M

Jan 07, 2021


"Amber is on top of things! Making sure the tutor is meeting our needs! And so far, he is!”

--Heather B

Dec 03, 2020


"Attentive, flexible and individualized to the students needs”

--Denice P

Apr 23, 2020