Some of our latest reviews.

"The tutor comes to our home. "

-- Amanda M

Jul 13, 2022

"We were matched with an incredible tutor! She was so patient with our son."

-- Katie B

Jul 02, 2022

"I love that the tutor comes to our home at a convenient time for our helps bring peace to a our chaotic family schedule. I also love the one on one attention my daughter receives from her tutor."

-- James K

May 19, 2022

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"Nicki is very patient and prepared to work with Jack each session”

--Katie B

Mar 24, 2022


"Rich Heller is a very professional, engaging and dedicated business owner. He truly cares about the students learning and doing their best with a tutor that fits their learning style. We have tried Kumon and Sylvan. Great people and programs, but Rich goes above with his customers that he sees more as a community. ”

--Amy C

Mar 18, 2022


"Tutor comes to our house”

--Aimee W

Feb 24, 2022


"Rich Heller is very dedicated to finding the best tutors and matching them with his students. I think the key is he sees the clients or students as "his". He is invested in seeing students succeed”

--Amy C

Dec 15, 2021


"Knowledgeable, convenient and flexible! ”

--Shannon E

Nov 17, 2021


"Everything. Professional. Care. Come to our home. Timely. It's working!!”

--Joy L

Nov 10, 2021


"Tutor works well with our son!”

--Nikisha J

Nov 10, 2021


"Our experience with Tutor Doctor was fantastic. We expressed our need and expectations for a series of tutoring sessions over the summer to better prepare our daughter for her upcoming math class. Our tutor was punctual, polite, and professional. It worked out great!”

--Josh C

Sep 09, 2021


"Our tutor Miss Jenn comes to our house so I don't have to drive anywhere. She always comes prepared and goes above and beyond by providing worksheets and homework ideas for the rest of the week ”

--Janalee H

Sep 08, 2021


"Love .the Tutor my child has”

--Monique C

Aug 19, 2021


"I like how well the tutor was matched with my child and her needs! My daughter is excited each week to laugh and learn and feels supported by her tutor!”

--Meagan H

Jul 01, 2021


"-One on one tutoring -Flexibility with where/when to meet -Experienced and motivated tutors -Consistent post meeting notes, giving us feedback on progress and challenges of sessions”

--Jackie E

Jun 30, 2021


"Your commitment to excellence and personal approach to matcing a tutor with my child. ”

--Kelly N

May 19, 2021


"The tutor is very kind and understanding, and is more than happy to go over and explain anything I have trouble with. She's very knowledgeable about what she teaches and researches anything she doesn't know. I plan to continue working with her as long as I need to”

--Naveed A

May 04, 2021


"When I contacted the company initially, I got a prompt call back. He was interested in hearing what we needed and why we wanted a tutor. He worked hard to find someone that was a fit with our needs. The tutor we have is great! I can't say enough good things about Brandy. My daughter loves working with her, and she has given me much helpful information of things I can do to work with the school to help my daughter even more. ”

--Hillary E

Apr 28, 2021


"Everything! The staff was super nice and flexible and always available to help! ”

--Travis M

Apr 21, 2021


"Sarah is great and helping a lot”

--Anne M

Apr 21, 2021