Some of our latest reviews.

"Individual attention. Flexibility to understand the learning needs"

-- Casey D

May 25, 2017

"The tutors come to the house"

-- Maureen H

Apr 19, 2017

"My son's tutor is exactly what we needed. He needs to work on some gaps in his knowledge as it relates to the core curriculum and the tutor has excellent knowledge to help assess the gaps and teach my son what he needs to have a more complete understanding. In addition, my son has focus issues and..."

-- Janell H

Jun 01, 2016

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"Need not be only tutoring; our Tutor Doctor offered to proctor a retired ACT for our student, to give him an idea of where he stands, with respect to how the ACT score is looked at by colleges. Very, very helpful info, and a good practice experience.”

--Ann A

May 25, 2016


"I like that its very easy to schedule time when there is a conflict and as crazy as my life gets that really helps.I also like how smart my daughters tutor is and how good he is with her. He said she is catching on quickly.”

--Tricia T

Feb 25, 2016


"Being on time and in home. Upbeat and positive.”

--Kimberly S

Feb 25, 2016


"Tutor Doctor provides skilled, knowledgeable tutors who are capable of capturing the student's attention and interest.”

--DeAnn Y

Feb 25, 2016


"Personal one on one attention”

--Michael W

Feb 15, 2016


"I really like that our tutor, Will Rogers, can help Xavier in either Science or Math as needed.”

--Ernest K

Dec 30, 2015


"The personal interactions”

--Michael W

Oct 29, 2015


"Excellent instruction, complete reporting of progress, personable and very polite and business-like.”

--Robert B

Oct 15, 2015


"I like the fact that you can schedule as many tutoring sessions as you need and Xavier has maintained an A in math. The tutor also Can help in science. I like that we can alternate between subjects if we need to. Patricia Hughes and Will Rogers have been very helpful And really show that they care about Xavier's education.”

--Ernest K

Sep 16, 2015


"Coming to the home provides flexibility with our schedule. Mr. Will is very professional and always give us an overview at the end of each session. This gives us reassurance our children are on the right track.”

--Harold Y

Aug 02, 2015


"I feel comfortable and satisfied with the way I am taught. I also like how the tutors work through problems I have trouble with and make sure I know what to do next time before moving on.”

--Afsi K

Jul 30, 2015


"The personal treatment we receive”

--Michael W

Jul 18, 2015


"Tracy, my son's current tutor is VERY professional. Moreover, she is genuinely caring and an excellent teacher!”

--Robert B

Jul 02, 2015


"Very thorough and so polite!!”

--Robert G

Jul 01, 2015


"I like the professionalism of the company and the credentials of its tutors. Also, my son's tutor has an extraordinary knowledge base and great ability to transfer it to the student.”

--DeAnn Y

Apr 23, 2015


"Patricia Hughes”

--Michael W

Apr 03, 2015