Some of our latest reviews.

"Tutor comes to my home."

-- Camelia M

Jan 27, 2016

"Very thuorough and professional"

-- Carolyn S

Nov 14, 2015

"The tutor is knowledgeable and flexible about what she focuses in each session. Katie is developing a good rapport with my son, which makes the sessions more productive. She has figured out what he needs and what he doesn't need, which adds to the production sessions, as well."

-- Scott S

Nov 12, 2015

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"-That it's done in your home -You receive progress reports on a daily basis. -Flexibility -Not as expensive as Sylvan it's more affordable”

--Pat V

Jul 15, 2015


"We have been very pleased with the services we have receive for our kids.”

--Scott H

Jun 01, 2015


"You make sure that someone is matched up with the student correctly, If for some reason, the client is not happy, you rectify it immediately, I have had the best tudors and am very happy with the results,”

--Katheen P

Apr 30, 2015


"Ease in scheduling tutor's, availability with short notice. Summary report is a great way to get information on what was covered when your teenager is unlikely to provide that level of detail.”

--Tammi S

Apr 27, 2015


"flexibility and quality of insights and effectiveness of tutors”

--Jill K

Feb 25, 2015


"We have been very happy with our tutors.”

--Scott H

Feb 05, 2015


"the personal care taken to provide us with a tutor that actually becomes part of our family”

--Cara S

Jan 21, 2015


"The in home aspect and working around our schedules.”

--Liz B

Dec 30, 2014


"One on one tutoring and that you meet with the student in their own environment”

--Michelle H

Dec 18, 2014


"The ability to schedule sessions around our schedules and that tutors come to the house. I also like that the tutors are matched to the students needs and interests.”

--Tammi S

Dec 17, 2014


"My son loves his tutor Mary. He looks forward to her coming, he has improved in the small time she has started..”

--Amanda N

Dec 11, 2014


"Flexibility. Great communication and great work with the kids. Very helpful and helps alleviate the battles with mom!”

--Jill K

Nov 18, 2014


"Tutor Doctor provided someone that is specialized in the needs of my child. She is very supportive of my son and encourages him along the way. My son looks forward to tutor time and I'm appreciated of the help and stress free homework time :)”

--Katie W

Oct 23, 2014


"Customized tutoring plan, and in home tutoring”

--Michele C

Oct 23, 2014


"We are really happy with Bekah and the help my son is receiving. We feel it is making and will make a very big difference when he enters 8th grade. His confidence level is going through the roof. Thanks, again.”

--Scott H

Jul 24, 2014


"Eric was excellent to work with and we are very pleased with the tutoring services provided.”

--Renee S

Jun 27, 2014


"Person service”

--Lisa M

May 28, 2014