Some of our latest reviews.

"Easy to work with and tutors are awesome!"

-- Jennifer C

May 26, 2021

"Timely response to emails and follow up. David is a great fit for Tamerat. Thanks!"


Aug 07, 2019

"Professional, competent tutors. Very flexible with availability to meet. Great results. Jeff has been fantastic and Jen is personable, professional, and willing to go the extra mile to get your child the best possible tutor. The SAT review class was also outstanding. "

-- Katie C

May 08, 2019

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"Love the personalized service and the fabulous tutors! ”

--Jenn H

Feb 23, 2019


"From the first meeting to the tutoring everything was handled so efficiently. Mia has really enjoyed her tutoring sessions with Helen. ”

--Susan F

Feb 13, 2019


"Prompt response from designated tutor and focus on matching appropriate tutor to specific students needs.”

--Dave G

Feb 06, 2019


"Great match of tutors to the needs of the student. Impressive tutors who are both friendly and professional. ”

--Katie C

Dec 12, 2018


"Reliability and flexible availabikity”

--Renee A

Oct 17, 2018


"Very focused on meeting the individual needs of the student. Our tutor Jason was great! Jen is very professional and easy to work with.”

--Lorene S

Aug 23, 2018


"Jen is very responsive and truly wants your student to succeed. ”

--Robin J

May 03, 2018


"Wonderful tutors!”

--YeeSun K

Dec 30, 2017


"The tutors have been excellent and we have used several for different things. Jen is great at meeting everyone’s needs in every aspect of the process- tutors/students personalities, scheduling and budget. I highly recommend!”

--Michelle M

Nov 29, 2017


"Pairing tutor compatibility to student”

--Michele B

Sep 06, 2017


"Reliable and great with my son”

--Julie H

Jun 07, 2017


"Math tutor Jean Marie was excellent. ”

--Deneen M

May 31, 2017


"Personal attention, tailored to the needs of the student.”

--Lourdes E

May 24, 2017


"accommodating with times”

--Raelene H

May 04, 2017


"Jen is very responsive to the needs of the student and makes sure that the family feels that the tutor that is matched with the student is the right fit. The tutor are son worked with is very professional and was the right fit for our son. ”

--Jennifer W

Apr 13, 2017


"Personalized attention. Excellent tutor who gives candid and helpful feedback. You understand our son's situation and have given us reassurance that everyone's post high school track doesn't have to be the same!”

--Kristina P

Mar 29, 2017


"In home tutoring. Feedback. ”

--Sue P

Feb 01, 2017