Read Tutor Doctor Beaverton Reviews


"Very professional. ”

--Boris Y

Jan 15, 2017


"tutor knowledgeable and effective, flexible schedules”

--Mark G

Dec 24, 2016


"I like that you took the time to find the right match for my son's needs. I like that the tutor comes to my house. I like that my son is happier with school because of your services. ;)”

--Nathalie M

Dec 22, 2016


"Quick response/ flexibility ”

--Kirsten C

Dec 19, 2016


"The tutor is a good fit and she comes to the house. Also she is very flexible on times.”

--Melissa E

Nov 11, 2016


"So far, every tutor we have received has been a great help to our son.”

--MaryAlice M

Jun 24, 2016


"Awesome tutors, and the communication is PERFECT!”

--Desiree E

Jun 15, 2016


"Great tutor, very knowledgeable, structured planned lessons based on the child needs; I like reports submitted after each session to know what was the focus on.”

--Boris Y

Jun 09, 2016


"Matt has been a great tutor- Chris Griggs always seems to find the right tutor for my sons needs.”

--Kirsten C

Jun 02, 2016


"I love how we kept trying until we found the right tutor; love the tailored approach to every client.”

--Melissa H

May 25, 2016


"That you come to our house, that your tutors have been smart and reliable and kind to my child.”

--Reyna L

May 24, 2016


"We have had the best tutor we could ask for. We love Ms Kelly! And the company is wonderful to work with.”

--Michele W

May 04, 2016


"Tutor comes to my home and customizes the work based on our needs.”

--Angela B

May 04, 2016


"The tutor is very good and she comes the house.”

--Stephanie O

Apr 28, 2016


"ability to meet at home”

--Joann G

Apr 14, 2016


"They took the extra time in the beginning to find a good tutor match for my son, which has turned out great. My son works great with his tutor...this is much better than us(his parents) trying to tutor him...too much butting heads :)”

--Andrea B

Apr 14, 2016


"Tutor is personable and knowledgable.”

--Donna K

Apr 07, 2016


"Ashley always on time and spent a little with parents also. She takes responsibility to tutoring. She is much better than previous too tutors.”

--Cassie D

Mar 31, 2016


"Quick response and the fact that you work around the shool's curriculum.”

--Vilma M

Mar 20, 2016


"Tutor Doctor has been fantastic to work with. They really seem to care how things are getting done. I like the weekley reposrts from the tutor, and our tutor is fantastic! It's very customized!”

--Desiree E

Mar 09, 2016