Some of our latest reviews.

"Knowledgable tutor "

-- Shelley W

Apr 12, 2024

"Transparency and custom to the learner. My sons tutor is very kind and patient."

-- Marla S

Apr 17, 2022

"friendly and professional "

-- Alvaro E

Apr 06, 2022

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"Work on finding a good fit for your child”

--Krista M

Mar 23, 2022


"My daughter's tutor works very well with her. He challenges, encourages, and compliments her. My only recommendation at this time is that it would be better to meet in person rather than virtually. Much time can be lost in technical challenges that come up.”

--Sherri L

Feb 24, 2022


"I have always had quick responses and any inquiries, everyone has always been professional, helpful and very friendly. Most importantly they are excellent at matching tutor with child! ”

--Lenora P

Nov 10, 2021


"My daughter’s tutor challenges her, and also praises her when she answers correctly. It’s been a great balance. Overall, this has been a very positive experience so far. ”

--Sherri L

Nov 05, 2021


"Our family has had a very positive experiences with Tutor Doctor. They have always provided the best of tutoring services for our son.”

--Lenora P

Sep 25, 2021


"It was throughly vetted out as in what my child needs help with and find the right tutor for him. That’s important to us to find the right fit.”

--Priya K

May 20, 2021


"Virtual. Friendly. Helpful. Consistent schedule. Marcelo loves working with Cade!”

--Kristin E

May 12, 2021


"Always quick response to inquiries. In the several years we have been using this company, we have had only 2 tutors! The first one left for law school, and we have had the second for over a year now! They will make sure your kid has the right tutor for them!”

--Lenora P

Feb 12, 2021


"at home zoom tutoring, convenient, great communication via text with tutor”

--Kristin E

Nov 16, 2020


"Consistent and reliable!”

--Lenora P

Nov 04, 2020


"Great Tuitors”

--Usman K

Nov 04, 2020


"I can keep in contact with the tutor to be flexible with visits, and curriculum.”

--Ana V

Aug 12, 2020


"In home tutoring and knowledgeable tutor.”

--Shelley W

Aug 04, 2020


"Out tutor is great! ”

--Ericka T

Jul 31, 2020



--Kendra M

Jul 24, 2020


"Flexible and understanding. Knowledgable and upfront in a kind way”

--Mark M

May 06, 2020


"Always reliable ”

--Lenora P

Apr 22, 2020