Some of our latest reviews.

"Quality of tutor"

-- Michelle W

Dec 07, 2023

"Efficient, friendly, excellent tutor "

-- Monica S

Dec 06, 2023

"very responsive to our needs and match my daughter with a suitable tutor who was excellent"

-- Emma P

Jun 07, 2023

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"The service was easy to use and our son has come on leaps and bounds in maths since he started the tuition.”

--Claire W

Apr 27, 2023


"Tudor are very qualified ”

--Nejla A

Apr 06, 2023


"We have used Tutor Doctor for my Son's impending GCSE's and are so pleased with his progress. Each of his Tutor's are so engaging and he looks forward to his sessions which is proving hugely beneficial. Everything is made easier using Tutor Doctor as they hand pick and manage the best Tutor for your child's learning style whilst keeping intrigued parents happy with an emailed report after every session. ”

--Julian J

Mar 09, 2023


"The feedback we receive post session plus the extra work set”

--Katherine P

Feb 02, 2023


"Excellent work ”

--Lalitha F

Feb 01, 2023


"The response was prompt & personal. The tutor is highly qualified & well matched to our daughter's requirements.”

--Rachel M

Jan 21, 2023


"My son was very nervous to get this tutoring , but the tutor made him feel comfortable straight away ! She made the sessions easy for my son to understand which you could see when he came back and explained to us what had had done that evening ”

--Vicky S

Nov 09, 2022


"The flexibility to provide a tutor when suitable to me. The help from everyone at the company was amazing ”

--Rachel F

Nov 02, 2022


"Highly engaged from the outset, Julian was determined to find the right choice for my dyslexic son and he did ! Jem was incredible with my son and they both thoroughly enjoyed their sessions - having to wait till results day though for final proof of improvements, which though not easily achieved, my son has definitely engaged more with his maths, historical a massive challenge. Thank you team. ”

--Michaela P

Jun 26, 2022


"Professional, reliable and organised. Care is taken to find the right tutor match for the student. My son has both German and Chemistry tutors who are fantastic - very knowledgeable about GCSE requirements and extremely helpful. ”

--Susan H

Jun 24, 2022


"It was really nice that they try and match you with a tutor that fits your likes and if you didn't click with the tutors you can just let Julian know and he will match you with someone else. Very flexible and can fit around your life and if you need to rearrange then they will let you know.”

--Gemma P

Jun 04, 2022


"Efficient, friendly, easy to manage”

--Zoe I

May 18, 2022


"The 121 provided is excellent. Our tutor is very understanding and flexible in what can be a difficult situation. Julian was very welcoming and empathetic. He knew what was required when I reached out to him and within a day or so we were partnered with lovely Ric. I would 100% recommend recommend Tutor Doctor. Thank you ”

--Lynne M

Apr 09, 2022


"Very helpful and professional in all respects. ”

--Caron L

Apr 01, 2022


"A lot of information was gained to understand our requirements of the tutor who was then well matched. The tutor assigned to us has also been of a high standard and suited to my daughters learning style as well as being very flexible when arranging topics to discuss and arranging the sessions.”

--Tara K

Mar 10, 2022


"Flexibility and service of the central team and the quality of the tutors.”

--Andrew H

Mar 09, 2022


"The tutor doctor has been great with the organisation of lesson and are very flexible and can fit around you life and are very good communicating with you and letting you know if lesson has been changed or that the tutors are not available ”

--Gemma P

Feb 14, 2022