Some of our latest reviews.

"Our daughter is truly enjoying her tutoring sessions, she’s like her teacher and is gaining confidence."

-- Nom k

Jan 19, 2024

"Really good tutor and content he teaches is exactly what my son needs and is very well organised - easy to contact staff at the office if needed to - very good service"

-- Carmel C

Jan 17, 2024

"Personal approach tailoring tutoring individually to students needs, excellent tutors, flexibility. "

-- Naama G

Jan 07, 2024

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"Your services are very effective in boosting the knowledge and confidence of my child.”

--Ujjwal B

Nov 26, 2023


"The care taken to match student with tutor is excellent. The tutor my son has is very friendly, knowledgeable and approachable and has boosted my sons confidence enormously.”

--Jane S

Nov 23, 2023


"Weekly feedback Weekly homework ”

--Clare M

Nov 22, 2023


"Tutors are very kind and knowledgable.”

--Eleni K

Nov 15, 2023


"Work efficiently. The team response quickly and do the arrangement in time. ”

--Jing R

Nov 04, 2023


"We can see a marked improvement in both kids schoolwork. The main improvement is confidence. ”

--Carina S

Sep 28, 2023


"Prompt service and tutor's knowledge and patience with kids. ”

--Sibo N

Aug 09, 2023


"Personal approach ”

--Olga K

Aug 05, 2023


"Prompt responses”

--Sarah K

Jun 22, 2023


"Timely prompt responses Good tutors”

--Bina M

Jun 15, 2023


"The low student to tutor ratios and the interactive nature of the online tutoring.”

--Lesley C

May 02, 2023


"The time taken to understand the student's needs and match an appropriate tutor. The flexibility of the tutor and the speed with which the service is set up. In our situation, it moved our year 11 daughter on to give her the motivation to get her revising, knowing she had the individual support she needed to answer the questions she just wasn't understanding in her subjects. She felt like someone cared and had time for her. It made a massive difference to her self confidence and the way she viewed herself, leaving her much better prepared in her mindset, for her exams.”

--Karen F

Apr 26, 2023


"Extremely straightforward and quick from initial contact through to first session with tutor. We’re 5 sessions in and it’s going very well. ”

--Laura H

Apr 19, 2023


"It was very well done and researched as to what fit our needs.”

--Ilse P

Feb 08, 2023


"Friendly, approachable and efficient”

--Nicki D

Jan 11, 2023


"Tutor Doctor were flexible with my kid's needs, found a good match for her, and sorted it all out quickly.”

--Julian G

Dec 21, 2022


"Our tutor has been great, it was all very easy to organise.”

--Janine N

Dec 10, 2022