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"They are excellent set of people to approach if your kid needs help in any subjects my son progressed really well under their English and computer lessons thanks to them and thank you espcly to Laura ”

--Bindu C

Mar 16, 2022


"Good reliable tutors. Tutor feedback is helpful to see what has been covered. Extra work given helps consolidate learning. Tutor helpful and approachable.”

--Lorraine E

Mar 11, 2022


"Efficient and effective ”

--Keeley H

Mar 02, 2022


"My contact Laura is professional, really listened and understood what our requirements were When the first tutor match was not quite right, she found someone else who ticked all the boxes We are delighted with the service”

--Lisé S

Feb 03, 2022


"Regular feedback helpful staff”

--Clare S

Jan 26, 2022


"Great tutor. Fantastic admin.”

--Samantha L

Jan 19, 2022


"Easy to set up the tuition, my child looks forward to her tuition each week thanks to a great tutor who’s made learning enjoyable again ”

--Sarah R

Dec 30, 2021


"We have a tutor who specifically meets our daughters needs and are very appreciative of this.”

--Lisa G

Dec 09, 2021


"The tutor you supplied is great and was a very quick response ”

--Keeley H

Nov 03, 2021


"Efficient Excellent communication Ability to source alternative tutor when the first one was not the best match ”

--Lisé S

Oct 21, 2021


"Customisation ”

--Chitra J

Aug 25, 2021


"Bespoke nature of fitting the correct Tutor to child”

--Tracy W

Aug 19, 2021


"Tutor really understands how to get through to my son”

--Amy L

Jun 24, 2021


"I found the tutor reliable and she helped in any areas needed. She also sent over documents for a different subject which my daughter told her she was finding hard and her teacher was not helpful at school. ”

--Lorraine E

Jun 16, 2021


"The tutor that has been provided is very well suited to my son. Reports are provided after every lesson.”

--Sarah H

Mar 18, 2021


"I was able to find the subject tutor I needed when other sources had been difficult.”

--Lorraine E

Mar 07, 2021


"The high quality of teaching ”

--Chitra J

Feb 25, 2021


"Professional and knowledgable tutor. ”

--Sharon D

Jan 27, 2021


"Lovely tutor, very professional. Sourced exactly what we needed and stress free. ”

--Jane F

Feb 26, 2020