Some of our latest reviews.

"My son’s tutor is calm and flexible when tutoring math 12. He is very prompt and has been very supportive."

-- Marena L

Jan 05, 2024

"Matching process seems to work well. "

-- Misti L

Nov 29, 2023

"Clear streamlined services Personal intake interview Easy payment options and clearly laid out Teen really likes tutor Pooria and reports he is a great tutor who “explains things very well “ The online format seems to really work with Pooria showing work onscreen as he explains As parents..."

-- Tannis R

Nov 27, 2023

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"Donny takes the time to listen to my son. His instructions are easy to follow. He is respectful, friendly, and always on time. Good job Donny!”

--Emelida S

Oct 04, 2023


"Great customer service. Good tutors. ”

--Kathy I

Aug 11, 2023


"Service offered in the comfort of our own home. Tutor (Yama Masoud) is punctual, patient, professional, and knowledgeable. His boss (Brian Fitzgerald) was more than willing to wait for me while I waited for AFU to approve our funding request, which took much longer than expected. Go team Tutor Doctor!”

--Emelida S

Jun 14, 2023


"I t help lots when the tutor and the student get that make my son easy to follow and understand better. ”

--Eliza R

May 20, 2023


"flexible (easy to change/cancel days or work on line), thoughtful and encouraging (the instructor). I have already recommended Tudor Doctor and they are now using your services.”

--Jade B

Apr 26, 2023


"proffesional, tailored to the person's needs, affordable”

--Ani Z

Mar 19, 2023


"I like how you were able to find a tutor to match our child's needs (subjects to work on as well as keeping her focused). My daughter looks forward to her tutoring sessions. We've seen a big improvement in her work and in her confidence in just a few months.”

--Iman T

Feb 22, 2023


"Everything! Absolutely everything!!! ”

--Timmi L

Feb 09, 2023


"I love the personalization and flexibility. Honestly this service has changed our lives. No more stress. No more family arguments. And my daughter’s confidence is now soaring ”

--Andrea M

Jan 29, 2023


"We are very pleased from the service. very professional and the report summary for every lession is great. Yair has improved a lot”

--Moshe S

Dec 09, 2022


"Supportive and helpful. Thank you!!”

--Andrea J

Nov 02, 2022


"Prompt responses to questions and concerns and the quality of the tutors ”

--Shaun T

Oct 27, 2022


"Everything was so easy - love the personal attention and commitment to finding the right fit for our child. ”

--Jasmine B

Oct 12, 2022


"I liked that you actually met with us at the start of the process of finding a good fit for tutoring. Naeemah is reliable and has found the right pacing for Gabe. They seems to work well together. The billing has been fair and the whole process has been professionally managed.”

--Jillian S

Sep 29, 2022


"I like the services I learn a lot ”

--Raul R

Sep 15, 2022


"Great support and detailed reports ”

--Cindy P

Aug 03, 2022


"Accountability ”

--Lynette S

Jun 24, 2022