Some of our latest reviews.

"Option to Finding the best fit tutor for the student is great; having that period of time to explore if it works for both. Assessment and identifying the needs of the student to best match the Tutor."

-- Christina D

Jan 15, 2020

"Convenient, flexible. The tutor is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and approachable."

-- Susana D

Dec 13, 2019

"Very knowledgeable and helpful in deciding what was the right fit for our son and matching him with a compatible tutor."

-- Tanya C

Jul 31, 2019

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"The tutor is very knowledgeable and helpful and he keeps my daughter focused.”

--Antonella C

Jul 26, 2019


"Everything is amazing...”

--Saad S

Apr 04, 2019


"Organized, easy to contact, always available and have seen big improvements in my child”

--Carla D

Mar 14, 2019


"They are in the home and very convenient. They work around the families schedule. ”

--Nandie M

Feb 27, 2019


"I like the tutor coming to the house ”

--Wendy J

Oct 10, 2018


"Our tutor is amazing and easy to talk to. We get reports in a timely manner and they help give us a snapshot about what the sessions covered.”

--Samantha F

Sep 12, 2018


"She's friendly and very caring. She works with his needs and provides feedback as to how we can help him improve.”

--Joy B

Jul 18, 2018


"The tutor and the rep”

--Georgiana U

Dec 26, 2017


"Matching The high quality of the tutors Flexibility Payment method”

--Susan W

Dec 07, 2017


"I like the customized lesson plans for the individual students and also that the service is comes to the home. ”

--Ricardo L

Nov 22, 2017


"Professional Extra practise is provided if requested Progress reports provided”

--Filomena M

Nov 11, 2017


"Matching the student to the tutor it has worked so well with our daughter we have been very pleased with her progress. I like payment plan and having Tutor Doctor pay the tutor rather than us. It is convenient and I think probably better for the tutor as well (they don't have to worry about someone 'forgetting' the cheque and they can be assured of payment.)”

--Susan W

Jun 07, 2017


"I liked how thoughtful the tutor is, and how experienced they are”

--Peter Q

May 31, 2017


"the one on One attention that the child receives ”

--Cristina R

May 17, 2017


"Great customer service, I've always been happy with the services you have offered and how you have tried to accommodate me. ”

--Effie M

Mar 16, 2017


"The matching of student to tutor, ease of payment and flexibility.”

--Susan W

Mar 01, 2017


"Very professional and accountable. Always gets right down to work and we are seeing results”

--Donna P

Feb 15, 2017