Some of our latest reviews.

"The tutor we have for our daughter is amazing. He is very patient and knowledgeable. He is also very nice and they have a lot of fun together learning!"

-- Heather M

May 06, 2020

"Dakota is much more receptive to reading practice because he knows his tutor is asking for him to do it. He is more motivated with her and is slowly overcoming his reluctance to sound out words because she stresses that. Previously, when working with just me, he would refuse to sound anything out..."

-- Lynda S

Apr 09, 2020

"We appreciated how quickly a tutor was found and how good the tutor is. The only negative is how costly it is. "

-- Mara S

Apr 05, 2020

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"Melinda was fantastic with my daughter. She was very accommodating when scheduling sessions.”

--Paula C

Feb 18, 2020


"Everything. The tutor is fantastic! The quality of the tutoring is excellent. I like the flexibility re timing of tutoring. I like the ease of payment. ”

--Lynn B

Feb 13, 2020


"Professional friendly tutors Who cater to the needs of our kid's studies and their busy schedules”

--Rob P

Feb 05, 2020


"Quick responses and amenable to meet the needs of students. ”

--Christine V

Feb 05, 2020


"I like the fact you come to the house, makes it much easier for me cause I have 2 little ones.”

--Chantal O

Feb 05, 2020


"Everything ”

--Carolina C

Jan 30, 2020



--Paige R

Jan 22, 2020


"That they don't give up until it's a perfect fit”

--Yvette T

Jan 15, 2020


"Flexible and easy to work with!”

--Kirk D

Jan 02, 2020


"Very impressed so far. You took the time to make sure the best fit for a tutor would happen. Within just a couple sessions, I am already seeing an increase in confidence in my son with his math. He recently pulled off an 87 on a test that only five of his classmates passed in grade 12 functions at Lockerby. He seems more interested in putting the time needed to achieve the marks he needs as he is applying to some competitive university programs. Your service is definitely making a difference. ”

--James D

Dec 25, 2019


"Eva is a friendly competent tutor. We like the feedback report after each session.”

--Ron M

Dec 18, 2019


"Professional and friendly”

--Thomas G

Dec 12, 2019


"Accommodating Accountability Easy to work with Matching students with tutors specifically”

--Leigh M

Dec 12, 2019


"the tutor comes to my house and she is fluent in French, so she can tutor my son in French with ease. ”

--Julie S

Nov 28, 2019


"Travis is an excellent tutor. He is able to explain math functions in a way multiple “trained” teachers have failed. Avery went from getting 30% to 80-100% on assignments and tests in a matter of 3 hours spent with Travis. ”

--Rachele H

Nov 20, 2019



--Chantal O

Nov 14, 2019


"Flexible, option to use the library, good communication”

--Stephanie M

Nov 13, 2019