South Edmonton Sherwood Park
Some of our latest reviews.

"Excellent teaching from the teachers assigned to my kids."

-- Ruth E

Jun 27, 2024

"Very prompt and efficient, kind and organized "

-- Dina N

Jun 26, 2024

"Lisa is am amazing tutor, my daughter has connected with her and we've seen improvement in her grades."

-- Nancy L

Jun 20, 2024

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"Responsiveness, caring, willing to help, and the tutors are invested in ensuring my son is able to develop.”

--Allison P

Jun 07, 2024


"Knowledgsble tutors, great matching of personalities, reliable ”

--Janette M

Jun 06, 2024


"Tutors are very friendly and are willing to help at short notice. My daughter had trouble with math, but really it was her ability during tests that was the real problem. Her tutor gave her many ideas on how to be calm during tests. It has worked! Tutor Doctor are very helpful in determining my daughters needs. I would recommend this service to anyone.”

--Hans G

Jun 05, 2024


"The ability to have the tutor come to our home and flexibility to alter sessions as required.”

--Greg M

May 25, 2024


"Convenient and effective ”

--Erin L

May 22, 2024


"My daughter’s Tutor, Abby is friendly and very helpful. We have noticed an increase in our daughter’s marks and confidence when it comes to her school work. ”

--Sherry S

Apr 27, 2024


"Tutors and reporting on sessions.”

--Ingrid L

Apr 17, 2024


"They come to the house, are on time and this current tutor is fantastic!”

--Kim D

Apr 17, 2024


"The professionalism of Tejal (Edmonton Area) when enquiring about their services, costs, tutor matching for my son and information about the company and what we could expect as customers was excellent. There was responsiveness that was prompt. Within a few days we heard from the tutor, Danny, who is great. My son enjoys his twice weekly sessions and his grade 9 math mark has gone up 22%. Plus my son's confidence in math has increased and he feels prepared and focused. Without tutor doctor my son would not be embracing and taking his studies as serious. The work with Danny has increased confidence in all his subjects. We are so grateful as it was becoming a battle between parents and teen to do homework and study. It's taken that off our shoulders so we don't need to have power struggles over homework and studying. ”

--Reagan H

Apr 14, 2024


"We love the tutor we have had for three years. ”

--Dallyce F

Apr 11, 2024


"The process of identifying the right tutor and the followup after each session is excellent!”

--Sheetal W

Apr 10, 2024


"Very good ”

--Jasvir G

Apr 04, 2024


"Every tutor we have used has been excellent!!! Extremely happy ”

--Leanne D

Mar 15, 2024


"Flexibility in scheduling and focus”

--John C

Mar 14, 2024


"Our Current Tutor Lola Kuye is fantastic! Informative, caring and brilliant. Kudos Tejali for having someone of that caliber on your team !”

--Jasue M

Mar 13, 2024


"Very accommodating, personal, patient tudors. Very easy to work with the company. We are very happy with everything. ”

--Janette M

Mar 13, 2024


"Very good teacher. Good follow up”

--Sini G

Mar 13, 2024