Some of our latest reviews.

"Our tutor is helpful kind and flexible. "

-- Kristine G

Dec 27, 2023

"Very professional and easy to work with. "

-- Shikha D

Nov 16, 2023

"Samy has been a great tutor and really seems to care about making a difference. The team is responsive when needed and things have worked out very well. I like getting the updates from Samy after a session as well as having the hours tracked on every email. "

-- Kerry D

Oct 25, 2023

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"Very Knowledgable Staff”

--Tony F

May 25, 2023


"Convenient to be able to change tutors if one doesn’t work out? ”

--David S

Apr 27, 2023


"The tutor is matched well with the students needs.”

--Nadia M

Mar 01, 2023


"Convenient in home tutoring with excellent tutors. ”

--Tara M

Jan 04, 2023


"The fact that our tutor is a Ontario certified teacher. ”

--Hali M

Sep 15, 2022


"Found us a tutor quickly and he was a great help”

--Emma W

Jun 25, 2022


"One on one Review of homework and tests in detail ”

--Manuela T

Jun 24, 2022


"Flexible and tutor was matched to my children ”

--Rachel D

Jun 24, 2022


"Have had excellent matches with the Tutors. ”

--Siobhan C

May 26, 2022


"The tutor matching to my son was very thorough. ”

--Thalia B

May 25, 2022


"It was very easy to get set up, and we love our tutor, Berfin Ceylan. ”

--Colin G

May 18, 2022


"Structured approach to improving reading, the tutor's approach is very personable. ”

--Kim L

May 12, 2022


"Awesome! Thanks ”

--Philip T

May 11, 2022


"Always on time and the connection with my daughter was there at the very beginning. She is very skilled.”

--Rita A

May 04, 2022


"Tutor is knowledgeable, gets along well with student, can teach the math in an understandable way”

--Michelle M

Apr 20, 2022


"The tutors are very good and helpful.”

--Cory L

Apr 20, 2022


"Fast, professional. The teachers I dealt with are knowledgeable and friendly . ”

--Rasha A

Mar 30, 2022