Some of our latest reviews.

"The help was invaluable"

-- Gail M

Apr 06, 2023

"I like that the hours are flexible and can be used to my liking. Unlike Sylvan. Example if my son was sick he had to make that time up within the following month in an already tight school/ sport schedule or else the hour was lost. "

-- Pamela F

Jan 11, 2023

"Easy to book and knowledgeable tutors"

-- Amy P

Aug 10, 2022

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"Easy to book. Friendly knowledgeable tutors.”

--Amy P

May 19, 2022


"Shauna is a great tutor. Helpful, patient and has a diverse way of approaching problems. ”

--Sue D

Apr 28, 2022


"Easy to book. Easy to log on. Keeps track of hours & material by sending updates. Tutor is friendly, knowledgeable and easy to learn from.”

--Amy P

Feb 17, 2022


"Shauna was so thorough and well prepared. She really had a good sense for how our child grasps the material and how to help him understand it. We will definitely use this service again.”

--Monica E

Jan 28, 2022


"Response, quick, with excellent tutors and customer service ”

--Brenda M

Jan 26, 2022


"I liked the good communication that was always available so we could arrange for what suited our needs. The tutor we had (Fatemeh) was very good- very patient and helpful. ”

--Marilyn S

Nov 17, 2021


"Aaron is a very good tutor.”

--Naomi D

Nov 17, 2021


"Quick to respond and the tutors are amazing!”

--Margaret T

Nov 11, 2021


"Jack kyne has found it tuff.studies. technical mechanical engineering you guys always have had the tutoring help that he needs thank you.”

--Joanne G

Oct 27, 2021


"Knowledgeable tutors and easy booking.”

--Amy P

Oct 21, 2021


"Good communication We had an excellent tutor ”

--Marilyn S

Aug 26, 2021


"Fast, no waiting, flexible, qualified tutor”

--Margaret T

May 27, 2021


"Great listeners and so accommodating ”

--Becky H

May 09, 2021


"Our tutor meets my son where he is at but then gently challenges him to push harder. Very flexible and accommodating with times if conflicts arise. ”

--Dayna M

May 06, 2021


"Awesome customer service and rapport. The tutor provided was very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to learn from. Thank you!”

--Kim P

Apr 29, 2021



--Tessy I

Apr 15, 2021


"Quick and Easy. Tutor Doctor understands who works well with the student. Friendly to talk to. Thank you!”

--Jessie S

Mar 03, 2021