Some of our latest reviews.

"Good matching of tutors to student"

-- Shannon C

Jul 04, 2018

"the tutor was excellent!"

-- Dana G

Jun 27, 2018

"You do all the work in finding appropriate tutors for whatever subjects my child require and you always follow up on how the tutor is working out for us. "

-- Ping N

Jun 27, 2018

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"The tutor was great. Seems a bit pricy, but necessary”

--Judy S

Jun 22, 2018


"Quality of tutors, care and attention, learning confidence has been elevated with my son”

--Doug R

Jun 21, 2018


"Julian has been very helpful. And always there when I needed. Thanks ”

--Suzan H

Jun 13, 2018


"Good tutors with flexibility in schedules ”

--Denise K

May 24, 2018


"Professional and meets needs”


May 11, 2018


"Very experienced Tutors who are interested in seeing their students progress. Parents are kept informed by getting weekly reports. The availability of the Tutor when there is a need to speak with her.”

--Everyl C

May 05, 2018


"The time invested to meet the student and then match tutors accordingly. Tutors are very knowledgeable, helpful and flexible if required.”

--Colleen M

May 04, 2018


"We have had some good resources work with our son. I also appreciate the flexibility in trying to fit into our hectic schedule ”

--Jennifer K

May 02, 2018



--Ping N

Mar 28, 2018


"Tutors have normally been a good match for our children.”

--Shannon C

Mar 28, 2018


"The tutors show genuine care, they come prepared, knowledgeable and have returned learning confidence to my child”

--Doug R

Mar 12, 2018


"Very professional. Alex is a great fit. ”

--Kerri H

Mar 02, 2018


"Willingnees to work with us and accommodate our schedule. We had a tutor change after the first few sessions due to our first tutor leaving. The company was quick to get us a new tutor. Our schedules didn’t match up and they were quick to respond with another tutor. I feel the new tutor is a great match for my son and am very happy with how things have worked out. Thank you ”

--Kim T

Feb 28, 2018


"Good Tutors who are interested in helping the student to learn. Tutors who do not give up but find new ways in helping their students to learn. ”

--Everyl C

Feb 27, 2018


"My son josh is learning a lot from Raleo, he enjoys doing homework with him and has a better understanding of the math he's doing”

--Jeff J

Feb 15, 2018


"Selection of best fit tutor and commitment to provide excellent services”

--Salman K

Jan 31, 2018


"Excellent Tutor/Student matches. Thanks Julian from Calgary for understanding Sarah's academic needs.”

--Angela S

Jan 25, 2018