Some of our latest reviews.

"Excellent tutoring "

-- Christine G

Dec 18, 2019

"Excellent "

-- Sheeba M

Dec 12, 2019

"Very individualized approach and the tutor’s teaching stye is matched with the student"

-- Al P

Aug 22, 2019

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"Trust worthy”

--Fernanda C

Jun 13, 2019


"Personalized, convenient, professional, timely ”

--Kaitryn C

Jun 07, 2019


"The approach is very much tailored to the needs expressed by the student and it is a live face to face discussion as oppose to running the sessions remotely through on line platforms. Much can be said about having the tutor and the student together physically and in real time. ”

--Al P

May 03, 2019


"Assessment to determine needs and suitable/compatible pairing ”

--Mike C

May 02, 2019


"The quality of the tutor and the help she is providing.”

--Vesna L

Apr 19, 2019


"The teacher is knowledgeable and always on time.”

--Sylvie N

Mar 14, 2019


"Christina was an excellent math tutor,I would highly recommend her.”

--Joanne T

Mar 14, 2019


"At home tutoring Professional tutors ”

--Fauzia A

Mar 07, 2019


"Structure feedback Successful results ”

--Susan P

Feb 23, 2019


"The tutor is matched well with the student. ”

--Lynn C

Feb 16, 2019


"The tutor was excellent. She was flexible. She explained things in a way my daughter could understand.”

--Shelagh D

Feb 15, 2019


"First, the owner meet us in person, and meet my daughters needs, he listen when we need, and until find the right person with experience for my daughters needs. and that make you unic, when others bring people with no experience and think they can handle my daughter when only are making harder to like the lesson. and don't even try to meet my daughter first and my family. Thankyou! have a wonderful holidays.”

--Carmen M

Dec 13, 2018


"Convenience of tutor coming to my home.”

--Fauzia A

Dec 08, 2018


"Our tutor was amazing. Super flexible and so understanding. She boosted my sons confidence and helped him achieve the Mark's he needed.”

--Bobbie L

Aug 15, 2018


"Personalized to my child. Flexibility of schedule. ”

--Heather S

Aug 12, 2018


"At home, tutor knowledgeable and willing to seek necessary info to support my daughter”

--Karen M

Jun 27, 2018


"Amazing tutorS! Easy organization to deal with... Brian Jagger great! ”

--Karen G

Jun 27, 2018