Some of our latest reviews.

"The personal commitment by John and his attention to Addy has resulted in a substantial increase in her math comprehension. "

-- Debbie G

Feb 07, 2020

"I love that I'm not the one that has to go searching for the tutor. If you send a tutor my way and they don't "fit", then you will send another. I like the weekly session reports that keep me informed of how many hours I have left and how my kids did in that session."

-- Veronica G

Feb 05, 2020

"I’m not sure how the matching process works but you guys did a great job picking the tutor for my daughter. "

-- Tracy B

Jan 22, 2020

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"It is improving my son’s ability to read.”

--Rachelle M

Jan 22, 2020



--Dan B

Dec 11, 2019


"The willingness to find the best tutor to meet our specific needs!”

--Tracy H

Nov 23, 2019


"My daughter has improved greatly in her skills after working with tutor doctor”

--Jesica W

Nov 21, 2019


"I like the one on one attention my daughter gets.”

--Jaime H

Nov 11, 2019


"I like that Tutor Doctor actually has a consultation with us so they know our needs and they don't just throw a tutor our way. They really try to match up the student with the tutor! I like that the student is tested prior to receiving services. It's just another key to matching the right tutor. I love the session reports I get after a session has been completed. It helps me to keep up with how my child is doing. Most of all...we love our tutor! :-) ”

--Veronica G

Nov 06, 2019


"Knowledgeable and excellent people ”

--Martha S

Nov 01, 2019


"We are concerned by David's lack of improvement in his practice test scores. However, we appreciate Andrew's initiative, sense of urgency, and sincere efforts to correct the situation and make adaptations quickly. We hope that David puts it all together and deliver on the test dates. ”

--Don L

Oct 24, 2019


"My grandson is very happy with his tutor. Very effective, very timely and very accommodating. Could not be happier!”

--Mohamed K

Oct 21, 2019


"I think your service has been excellent for my daughter. Zaynabe has taken great pride in making sure my daughter know and understand what she need to do in order to be successful. I cant thank her enough. I highly recommend the Tutor Doctor if your students are struggling with school studies get them the help they need before they get too far behind. I'm happy I did thanks tutor doctor you rock.”

--Anna H

Oct 16, 2019


"My son’s tutor listens to all of my concerns and addresses them right away. I already see a great improvement in my son’s education in the short time we have been using this tutoring program.”

--Rachelle M

Oct 16, 2019


"Quick and easy intake process and tutor assignment. ”

--Andrea L

Oct 16, 2019


"How nice everyone is. And the progress my child is making. ”

--Kari R

Oct 16, 2019


"The tutor has really helped my daughter. ”

--Andrea L

Jun 27, 2019


"The Tutor is kid friendly and is very knowledgeable of the needs of our son, We are very satisfied ”

--Martha S

Jun 26, 2019


"The tutor we have is Arielle, she is so kind and caring and does great with our son. It has been such a pleasure working with her. Our son has shown alot of improvement ”

--Michelle N

Jun 05, 2019


"Tutor matching to the needs of the student ”

--Stevan C

May 17, 2019