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"tutors are upbeat, well prepared and patient”

--Mike P

Jan 17, 2019


"Sheia is fantastic very professional, reliable and ensures she has made a connection with my son's to best learn about his learning style, interests, what motivates him and where he needs more confidence, My son feels comfortable to learn and take feedback, guidance. Tutor Doctor did a great job my son to the right tutor.”

--Patricia A

Jan 16, 2019


"Excellent candidates ”

--Anna K

Jan 14, 2019


"Tutors are well qualified and professional. ”

--Leanne L

Jan 10, 2019


"I like the updates from the tutor. And how everything is handled, it is very professional.”

--Avril J

Dec 27, 2018


"Professional, personal approach, flexibility ”

--Irena P

Dec 26, 2018


"Good Tutor!”

--Angela Y

Dec 20, 2018


"The tutors are knowledgeable, friendly, and committed. I also love that they come to our home. ”

--Rosetta R

Dec 19, 2018


"Prompt tutor matching Quality service ”

--Shiva M

Nov 26, 2018


"Tutor, Andrea is very pleasant, skilled and my daughter really likes working with her. Explains concepts very clearly. We are very pleased with tutor doctor and Andrea”

--Patricia R

Nov 07, 2018


"You found a qualified tutor within a week of our call.”

--Cynthia C

Nov 07, 2018


"Reports after each session, initial consultation to find the right tutor, feels like a team working together to help my daughter.”

--Patti L

Nov 07, 2018


"Tutors are well qualified ”

--Joseph K

Nov 01, 2018


"What a valuable service! Consistently supplies timely & excellently competent & highly qualified tutors! Reduces anxiety as to whether your child will get a good teacher or not because Tutors can effectively help fill gaps in public school system. Keep up great work!”

--Anna K

Oct 12, 2018


"We have a wonderful math tutor.”

--Roz E

Oct 12, 2018


"Regular feedback. Easy to deal with ”

--Stephanie W

Sep 27, 2018


"Always a good match between tutor and student. Highly qualified tutors.”

--Trish B

Sep 26, 2018


"The fast & efficient way of dealing with my request for new tutors.”

--Avril J

Sep 19, 2018


"Results. Having the tutor resulted in my son having a better understanding of the subject.”

--Elvin P

Aug 09, 2018


"We have been very impressed with the two tutors we have used and the customers service form the company . We will be continuing to use and highly recommend your services.”

--Tracy C

Jun 28, 2018